Preparing Pre-Service Teachers to Teach Reading

"The RISE Online [Reading] Workshop enables professors to expose teachers to the basic fundamental skills of phonics instruction without encroaching on classroom time at all."

Dr. Brian Ludlow, Southern Utah University

Watch this video to learn why Dr. Brian Ludlow uses RISE Online Workshop to prepare pre-service teachers to teach reading.

As an education professor, your time is precious. There is so much information that a pre-service teacher needs to master: subject knowledge, delivery strategies, assessment design, classroom management, best practices for teaching students with special needs, etc…

In order to free up your limited class time for the many important things you need to convey to pre-service teachers, RISE provides access to an online training tool to prepare future teachers to help each student effectively learn to read.

The RISE Online Workshop prepares pre-service teachers with research-based strategies for teaching foundational reading skills to beginning readers, struggling readers, and ESL students, and is aligned to multiple curriculum standards (view correlations below).

Because of the importance of this training, we are offering this tool free to professors— so that every pre-service teacher can be prepared to teach every student the basic literacy skills they need.

Learn how you can make this tool available to your students by following the steps at the bottom of this page.

RISE Online Workshop is a powerful resource for professors to use with pre-service teachers because it:

Aligns to Standards

The workshop prepares pre-service teachers to provide research-based reading instruction aligned to standards.

Tracks Student Progress

The workshop gives professors an easy way to view the progress and understanding of each participant with an autogenerated report.

Saves Class Time

The workshop helps preservice teachers learn effective strategies for teaching reading without consuming class time.

The following features make the RISE Online Reading Workshop easy and practical for any professor to implement:

Administration System

The administration system, included with the RISE Online Workshop, allows professors to track the progress and performance of pre-service teachers as they complete the lessons. Through the administration system, professors can set the required passing percentage and the date of the final assessment.

Lesson Material

The RISE Online Workshop uses narrated and interactive lesson material to instruct pre-service teachers in how to systematically and explicitly teach the fundamentals of the English language. These lessons empower pre-service teachers with a simple approach for delivering research-based literacy instruction in the classroom.

Final Assessment

To ensure that pre-service teachers understand the material covered in the RISE Online Workshop, a final assessment is administered after the last lesson has been completed. To pass the assessment, pre-service teachers must earn the required passing percentage set by the professor in the administration system.

The RISE Online Workshop is used by over 50 colleges and universities to help prepare pre-service teachers to teach reading.

For Access:

Use your expertise to decide if the workshop is right for your students. Click here to register for a free trial to review the content.

Once you decide the workshop is right for your students, we will provide you with a customized workshop link for your University’s website. This link will provide your students with free and easy access to the workshop.

Provide your students with the access code for your course and track their progress.

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